Memorial Nursing &

Rehabilitation Center






Memorial Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a service of Moore County Hospital District.  Our staff consists of Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Certified Medication Aides.  We also have individuals dedicated to providing your loved one with fun activities every day.


Our staff has one of the lowest turnover rates for a nursing homes in the state.  All together, our staff has served our residents in excess of 200 years with an average length of service of over seven years.  A quarter of our staff has even served our residents for over 10 years!


Our residents are provided meals and snacks daily by the MCHD Dietary Department with consultation by a Registered Dietitian, and are provided housekeeping services by the MCHD Environmental Services daily, which is responsible for one of the lowest hospital infection rates in the state.


Since we are situated next to Memorial Hospital, our residents have access to fast emergency care and the doctors who staff the hospital emergency room and impatient units are on-site 24/7 and round on our residents to check on their well being every day.





Memorial Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has been serving the Moore County community for over 40 years.


Today, we know that nursing homes are more than just places to receive care; they are our residents' home.  As such, our recent renovation, completed in 2016, transformed our facility into an intimate and warm place for our residents to live.


Every surface was given a new lease on life and now MNRC has a beautiful facility to match the compassionate and skilled care your love one receives.


Residents Rooms


All resident rooms received a full makeover from ceiling to floor; all topped off with brand new furniture to help residents feel at home.



Dining Room & Atrium


The dining room was renovated to include new surfaces and furniture and was topped off with an atrium that brings natural light into the dining experience.



Family Room & Relaxation Room


Both the family room, where residents enjoy time with their families, and the relaxation room, where they congregate to relax and watch television or hold special activities, have received a full makeover complete with comfortable new furniture to enjoy.



Covered Patio


One thing that MNRC was previously lacking was a covered area for us to transport our residents that would keep them dry during bad weather.  Now MNRC boasts a beautiful and functional covered entry way.



Back Patio


MNRC has a lattice-covered back patio, complete with a built in grill for residents and their families to enjoy.  There is even a railed walkway where our residents can enjoy the weather on sunny days.



Floor to Ceiling Makeover


All surfaces were made over including new floors and textured walls and a dropped ceiling to make MNRC feel more intimate and comfortable.  Even new artwork was brought in for the walls to brighten up the space and make it feel more like home.